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wandering around the internet, am trying to find something that will explain to me exactly what happens at Gencon and Origin. I hear bits and pieces, but I can't find anything that gives me a coherent picture.

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Joe Black

Our cat died last night. We sat down to dinner, our three cats lounging around us as they do. Tim looked over to Joe, who was asleep. Both Tim and I have fallen into a habit over the past few months, of watching Joe. Because of his illness, he’s been having a great deal of trouble breathing. So when he falls asleep and lies there so still, Tim and I have a habit of watching him, paused, until we see him taking a breath.
Alix had made dinner last night, and we were discussing whether or not it could be classified as one of her best, when I glanced behind me to Joe. And paused. And waited. Tim said “I saw him breath a little while ago”. “Thank goodness”, says I “I’m having a heartattack here”. I glance over to Joe again. His eyes are open and I’m still not seeing his sides move.
29 Sep 2007 – 29 Nov 2009.

Operation Orange Balloons – Pt 2

Well, I spent some of last Friday and Saturday wandering around the streets and knocking on doors. People looked at me warily thought the screen / security door and I said I wanted to give them an orange balloon and a letter. They looked confused, but consistently opened the screen / security door to let me give them the items.
I explained my purpose and on the whole, got agreement to give it a whirl. At two places I got “Thank goodness, I’ve been doing it for years. Now it’ll really catch on when we do it again next year”. At most places I got “What a good idea, how reasonable”. At one place I got “I don’t celebrate Halloween”, but was able to get the picture of teenage kids with eggs out of her head. At one place I got “I don’t speak English”.

And at one place I got “What exactly are you celebrating on Halloween?” With an accompanying frown and subtext of “Are you a devil worshipper?” I was able to explain I was celebrating kids seeking lollies and nothing more. Lastly, I got two “We don’t celebrate Halloween”, Devil Worshipper!, cue door closed almost in my face.

On the whole, people were pretty generous with their willingness to give it a try.


For a few years now, every Halloween my daughter has been asking if we can trick or treat. Every year, I say that it is an American holiday, that no-one here in Australia celebrates it.
This year, my daughter asked a new question - Can she have a Halloween party. I said yes. I should have seen it coming. Now she wants to go round the neighbourhood with her friends trick or treating...
Happily, etfb came to the rescue. He had an idea about notifying the neighbours beforehand, giving them balloons to put out if they want to participate. I'm buying balloons this week and walking round the neighbourhood.
I've always felt that knocking on doors when people don't want to play socailly awkward for all concerned, and the hit rate was never very high for those who do. This neatly removes the issue.

Driving & Top Gear

I went on a driving course today. Understeering, oversteering, emergency braking, emergency braking and avoiding obstacles (this is hard!). Skid panning.

I learnt new words like ‘drifting’ and ‘stepping out’.

Lots of fun. And I finally understand now what they are talking about on Top Gear when they do the course in the blue car.

The place offers half day skid pan course – you spend a half day under and over steering for fun. Or just hooning around. I am interested in going. If I get 5 to 7 of my friends, we can take up the entire class and all do it together.

Any interest?

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Andrew Barr said yesterday that six kids from the 700 at Kingsford Smith had been involved in a bullying incident this year. That makes 0.86%. The national average is 27.7%. I think he might have been misinformed.


As you know, I've been doing stuff about bullying at both a departmental level and the school level.

The result?

The Department of Education is implementing my strategies. The will create guidance for all state government schools on current best practises based on the strategies I developed for my son’s school. They are going to undertake a survey of the current prevalence and level of concern on the topic with the kids.

The school is angry with me for bringing it to the minister's attention. They have been brought into the Department and told to make it go away. They have outlined their current strategy in the school newsletter this week, hired 3 staff specifically in the areas of counselling, youth workers etc and pulled two executive teachers offline to finish creating their policies and procedures. The school board is creating a sub-committee on the topic, which I intend to be on. They are implementing programs of self-resilience for the 'high risk' victims (of which my son is one), training the teachers on the use of 'circle time' (a teaching methodology which improves trust and change the culture of the school to a more caring one).

I am meeting with the school again in teh first week of next term (as none of the teachers they have hired are coming on board until then) to work further with the school to 'help them improve their already great skills in this area'. The principal is all about saving face.
The school is fine, nothing to see.

I don't care that the principal is pissed with me. What I care about is that my son hasn't been bullied for the last week.

I have contact details of senior people in the Department, journalists and the business card of the opposisition spokeman for education. Should things not stay on track, I have people I can talk to.

I think I am pleased with how this is going so far.

Thoughts on roleplaying

As I said in my last post, I'm putting together some thoughts on con roleplaying. But I need help.

I have a three question survey on con games I'd like roleplayers to fill in (sorry for the spam if you aren't a roleplayer)

Click Here to take survey

Also, if you are a aussie roleplayer, I would be grateful if you spread the link about a bit (put it on your blog? emailed it to friends?) - the more views I can get, the better.

Thanks flist!

con & stuff

I have thoughts / ramble / article on the state of roleplaying in Australia building in my head... Once it slows down enough for it to become coherent, I’ll let you know.

Twas an interesting con.

In other news, I met with the Director I spoke of today. He was impressed with the concreteness (his word. Well he said they were concrete, I adverbed it) of my ideas and wants to meet me next week so he can give me an update on what he’s doing to implement them. I have a meeting with the school on Thursday to go over them as well. Things are starting to look up.

I met a person in Turkey who said I had to be a bitch about this matter. Turns out I had to be a) a bitch and b) a free consultant on the matter. Ah well, so long as there is progress I guess.

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“I’m sorry. To say I’ve failed implies I’ve stopped trying.”

I was quoted this last night. I liked and wanted to write it down.